+++Ultra Heroic Panzer News+++Joakim Brodén of Sabaton joins Grailknights on Knightfall+++

Dear Battlechoir,
We are so damn proud to announce that Joakim Brodén of Sabaton will appear on our upcoming album „Knightfall“!
We are honoured with his powerful voice on our new muscular song „Pumping Iron Power“….and Battlechoir, it sounds so f****** coooool!!!!!!! :O :D Our presale starts very soon and we look forward to giving you some first insights into our new album very soon as well! It will be a blast…well along with Joakim probably a nuclear blast! :)

Don’t forget to join us on our GrailFest 2018 – 04. & 05. Mai 2018!!!

Thanks for the pic Marcus Viech Kösters


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Gepostet am 24.02.2018