+++ Song Sunday IV+++Spoiler Alert!+++

Dear Battlechoir,
To cut the waiting time short, we give you an insight into our 10 new heroic hymns and our upcoming booklet from now on every Sunday. Each song has its unique artwork done by Sir Timo Wuerz!

Song number 4: Graikskull Asylum
Grailknights search for a way out of Skull’s gloomy and evil dimension. Their path leads them to the eerie gates of Grailskull Asylum – a place no living sane soul ever wants to dwell. But who in this dark world has not gone mad yet? In an uncontrollable state beyond sanity and reason Grailknights follow the wailing voices of the inmates right into their palace of rats and worms.

Grailskull Asylum is a song that combines dark atmospherical synthesizers with melodic power and death metal as you know it from Grailknights „Alliance“ album. A fast and diverse song – surely one of „Knightfall’s“ demonic highlights!

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Grailskull Asylum

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