+++Song Sunday II+++Spoiler Alert!+++

Dear Battlechoir,
To cut the waiting time short, we will give you an insight into our 10 new heroic hymns and our upcoming booklet from now on (almost) every Sunday. Each song has its unique artwork done by Sir Timo Wuerz!

Song number 2: Cthulhu
Within Dr. Skull’s dark realm Grailknights have to fight their utmost fears personalized by super-evil Cthulhu. Will they be able to cope with this dreadful situation or will they go mad – overwhelmed by their own anxieties?
„Cthulhu“’s overall sound is a positive one. Grailknights are full of energy and face that devil with all their muscularity.
Starting with a nice and juicy riff „Cthulhu“ combines the epic melodies of „Crimson Shades of Glory“ and the tempo of „Pumping Iron Power“….damn you don’t know that song now..:) But soon you will!

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Gepostet am 11.03.2018