+++ Song Sunday III+++Spoiler Alert!+++

Dear Battlechoir,
To cut the waiting time short, we will give you an insight into our 10 new heroic hymns and our upcoming booklet from now on (almost) every Sunday. Each song has its unique artwork done by Sir Timo Wuerz!

Song number 3: Black Spider’s Web
Next enemy is ahead. This time Grailknights are trapped in a giant black spider’s web and have to face the beast itself in a lethal combat. Will they find their way out of the spider’s gloomy dungeon and how will Sir Optimus Prime deal with the bite marks at his neck?
Black Spider’s web is a melodic and fast „Maiden“-inspired 80s – early 90s metal song with some neat thrash metal influences. Cartoonesk elements make you feel like being part of the „Alliance“ that has to fight its evil opponent.
We promise that this song will stick to your mind and will make your neck skin crawl – especially of those suffering of a severe arachnophobia. :)

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