urksUrks – nucular dragonhead and hot-water bag in Dr. Skulls bed

Urks – sounds cute, but he is not. Once upon a time, when Dr. Skull left his lab blackened with soot and once again with negative test results, he went to the supermarket, to drown his frustration in shopping, his secret hobby. He bought a Kinder Surprise, hoping to find a Grailknights figure inside, but found nothing more than a dragon instead. Instantly, his black aura imposed itself on the son of a giraffe and a cross-eyed sloth.

He should be empowered with supernatural powers, which he unfortunately never exerts properly, due to his inferior brainpower. That is why he already ignited the gas coming from Skulls anus, destroyed the entrance door uncountable times and chewed on the bonemans underwear. Plus, he is afraid of mice.

Therefore he has been disciplined to never use his fire again – and dumbed down completely. Nevertheless it is still a difficult task to defeat Urks. His Achilles‘ heel is his bottom hole, which Dr. Skull used to secure the dragon when he was washing him in the bath of invulnerability. The only way of outplaying Urks, the kiss of death (which sounds really ugly in this context) has been named after Skulls Hard Rock band from the old times: Anal Deathblade.

However, the Knights will never underestimate the power of the dragon – not for nothing, they only chant side-by-side with the Battlechoir: “Die, Urks, die!”, as we continue to require the help of our right hand to battle the huge dragon back home!

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