Morph the Swarf


The henchman of Dr. Skull, torn away between good and evil, initiator of smaller casual jobs at the expense of the Knights – at the same time, he is a loyal accordion player on the battlefields for our four Knights.

The crookbacked Morph is a big mystery for many inhabitants of Grailham City. His evil services for the foul Dr. Skull make him the right hand of the sluggish chief, at the same time it’s a matter of common knowledge that he has more than sympathies for our five Grailknights.

The rumours are flying thick and fast, even that he once was a brave Knight himself has been one of the hottest news in Grailham Citys rainbow press. What really happened to him, nobody knows – maybe he took a sip out of the wrong grail?

Rumour has it that his former visage can be seen at starlit full moon nights in a mirror – therefore, for uncountable nights, he has remained lying under the vintage Grailham City Bridge. In the cool flows of the river which surrounds the castle of the Grailknights, he hopes to see the image of his long-forgotten soul – while lying there, several dog owners have complained of closing a bad deal, which is replacing their beloved quadruped by a loud and content burp…the Knights cannot confirm these rumours, as Morph is usually only nourished by bananas and little girls.

Contrary to all legends, one thing is for certain: The lion’s share of his time, Morph is serving Skull, the monarch of Slug Mountain – this includes ironing the underwear of his ruler, though he seems to be doing this rather grudgingly!


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