Dr. Skull

dr_skull Dr. Skull is the arch enemy of the Grailknights, perennial rival in the fight for the Holy Grail, dark tycoon of Slug Mountain and zealous railroad modeler

Dr. Skull is the mother-of-all evil! Even if you put everything foul on this earth into a pot, stir it thrice and say ‘Hey Presto!’, Dr. Skull would still not opt out of the kettle, as he would never play around like that!

He is the ruler of the evil, though not measurable in centimetres or inches, malignity is his subject. If you write evil, and replace evil by skull, you will get Dr. Skull, skull means evil! The frowsty ‘boner’ follows meanest intentions, which shall end in total world domination.

His unuttered ambitions are:
1. To possess the Holy Grail, and to imbibe the heroic thirst-quencher of the beer-supplying steed.
2. To usurp the total power over Castle Grailskull, and to let the inhabitants of Castle Grailskull shiver under his reckless tyranny.
3. To make the Battlechoir his subject, and to transform every member of it into zombie elephant babies.
4. A visit to the ‘Miniature Wonderland’ in Hamburg.

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