The Grailknights

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The Grailknights – five young men on a mission to save the holy grail! Those who drink from it will enjoy an eternal pleasure of being drunk for the rest of their life. If that isn’t a good reason to fight for the old goblet?! But evil Dr. Skull – Grailknights’ arch-enemy – is also crazy about the grail. Therefore the Grailknights have to defeat him and they do it with joy and of course with their strongest weapon – their music! The band plays SUPERHEROMETAL – a mixture of various heroic styles of metal. Grailknights’ battles – you might call them shows – are a theatrical interplay between the band and their supporters – the Battlechoir. Fighting side by side with the Knights means party and active entertainment for everyone! The Grailknights need their Choir – without a hard partying audience the holy grail will not be reconquered. 

In 2014 the Grailknights will be on tour promoting and playing their new album „Calling the Choir“. 





Grailknights have played more than 120 shows, e.g.:


Wacken Open Air (Wacken – Germany)


RockHarz Open Air (Ballenstedt – Germany)


Rock im Betonwerk (Chemnitz – Germany)


Metalfest Open Air Germany (St.Goarshausen)


Worst Fest (Mailand – Italy)


Dong Winterparty (Essen – Germany)


Musikzentrum (Hannover – Germany)


Sabaton Cruise (Stockholm – Sweden)


Schiffenberger Mittelalterfestival (Gießen – Germany)


Headbangers Ballroom (Osnabrück – Germany)


Way of Darkness V (Lichtenfels – Germany)


Summer Breeze (Dinkelsbüh – Germany)


Metalfest Open Air (Mining am Inn – Austria)


Ragnarök Festival (Rieden-Kreuth – Germany)


Summer Nights Open Air (Mining am Inn – Austria)


Back to Rock Festival (Reiden – Schwitzerland)


Boarstream Open Air (Mulfingen – Germany )


Walpurgis Metaldays (Hauzenberg – Germany)


Hard’n Heavy Summernights Open Air (Euskirchen – Germany)


Winternachtstraum Festival (Arnsberg -Germany)


Eisenwahn Festival (Obersinn/ Spessart – Germany)


Dong Open Air (Neukirchen – Vluyn – Germany)


Queens of Metal (Kleinwenkheim – Germany)


Matrix – Support Endstille (Bochum – Germany)


Werk 21 (Zürich – Switzerland)




Headliner Tour „Battlechoir Reinforcement Tour“:


The Rock (Kopenhagen – Denmark)


Treibsand (Lübeck – Germany)


K17 (Berlin – Germany)


Blue Note (Poznan – Poland)


Alibi Club (Breslau – Poland)


Hellraiser (Engelsdorf – Germany)


Die Halle (Frankfurt – Germany)


De Rots (Antwerpen – Belgium)


De Kade (Zaandam – Netherlands)


RAZ (Datteln – Germany)


Parkhaus (Duisburg – Germany)


Ballroom (Hamburg – Germany)




Sabaton Support „The Art of War“:


The Rock (Kopenhagen – Denmark)


Ballroom (Hamburg – Germany)


Bastard Club (Osnabrück -Germany)


Progresja (Warschau – Poland)


Studio (Krakau – Poland)


Serikovka (Pilsen – Czech Republic)


Viper Room (Wien – Austria)


Rockfabrik (Ludwigsburg – Germany)


Rockfabrik (Ulster – Schwitzerland)


Die Halle (Frankfurt – Germany)


Biebob (Vosselaar – Belgium)


Doornrrosje (Nijmegen – Netherland)


Ivory Blacks (Glasgow – Scotland)


Purple Turtle (London – England)


Die Werkstatt (Köln -Germany)


De Kade (Zaandam – Netherland)


Oesterhalle (Plettenberg – Germany)


Matrix (Bochum – Germany)


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